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Andrei, Preludio e fughetta

Andrei, Preludio e fughetta

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Adrian Andrei, Preludio e fughetta

For two guitars.

Preludio e fughetta
This work for two guitars, in which I’ve used the well-known Baroque forms, is based on two Romanian carols from Transylvania. Unlike the era mentioned above, the music it is written in the modal system, starting in the traditional scales and being developed in the contemporary modal language.
The Preludio structure reveals the Italian Baroque style (the melody sustained by the accompaniment) and leads the second guitar to a chord progression inspired by the music of Debussy. The augmented fourth and the return to the natural fourth display a Romanian traditional mode having the mobile fourth on the Dorian mode.
Based on a two-bar theme, the Fughetta alternates the major and minor modes on D (the transposed Ionian and the Dorian). It facilitates the creation of new episodes on the original motive. A significant difference can be observed in the tempo issue: the traditional fugue uses a calm tempo to display the counterpoint. At the same time, the fughetta shows a dance-like tempo given by the traditional carol, which has an energetic melodic line.
I recommend this work to all guitarists, ranging from intermediate to advanced level, because it alternates the melancholy of the Preludio with the colourful and dynamic Fughetta.

Adrian Andrei

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