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Alvírez, Sueño

Alvírez, Sueño

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Marco Aurelio Alvírez, Sueño

(Juan Carlos Laguna Collection)
For solo guitar.

Marco Aurelio defined himself as "a painter of soundscapes". The best example is his piece "Sueño, Granadillo del Desierto", where the composer describes the story of the dream that a Granadillo tree had, that of living in the hot and rainy jungle, it suddenly awakens in the dry and lonely desert. Granadillo is a tropical tree whose wood is used to construct guitars.
This work was a commission that I entrusted to Marco Aurelio Alvírez in 2005 for a project entitled "12 species of Mexican Wood", where I performed 12 pieces that I commissioned to 12 composers. I played the works in 2006 on 12 guitars built with Mexican woods by luthier Abel García.
Juan Carlos Laguna

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