Bergmann Edition - how it started.

The idea of starting Bergmann Edition came to me six years ago. A few years earlier I was early retired, and it gave me time to take up playing classical guitar after a 20 years pause. In those 20 years, many things had happened in classical guitar society. The Internet had made it possible to access a vast repertoire freely provided by libraries and enthusiastic and philanthropic amateurs and professionals, and recorded music tended to be published by streaming services instead of being sold as psychical CD's.
Stores selling sheet music and CD's was now online, and the places I earlier in life had visited to expand my repertoire had vanished. The supplies of new stuff were now easily accessible and extremely huge compared to earlier.

Because of the enormous repertoire available, I wondered why the concert repertoires hadn't changed much since 1980 where I stored my guitar for good under my bed. And when I followed what was published professionally, it seemed that older stuff like Bach, Sor, Scarlatti, Carcassi, Lobos, Tarrega and alike was released again and again, both in print and recorded. Nothing wrong with the old masters. The time spent with their music is relaxing and comforting for sure - but you do not find much excitement or new ground listening to the pieces you have known by heart since you were a teenager.

At the same time, a lot of guitar composers exposed their works on social media like Youtube and Facebook. There is a lot of talent, expertise, compassion, diversity, and exciting new music out there. Not much of this well of music was available in print - and when it was, I found the engraving less satisfying.

So the idea formed - I wanted to publish new and rare music, engraved with quality and up to professional standards, and I wanted to publish a cross-section of the music created in our time.

I started the first couple of years slowly - learning the fundamentals of engraving, experimented with different house styles and finally, in 2016 I was ready to go all in. I the beginning I contacted the Youtube artists who composed music I found interesting. Now I have to put composers on a waiting list because the amount of works waiting to be published is growing faster than I can prepare them.

Allan Bergmann Jensen, Bergmann Edition

Allan Bergmann Jensen - founder of Bergmann Edition

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Dear mr. Allan Bergman

My name is Mauro Godoy Villalobos, I´m a composer who wants to ask you if I can send you some scores to you for some kind of evaluations with the hope of being published by you. I write in both tonal and a tonal classical style. Here is some link to my music you can hear (live performamnce)

/mauro g-v

Mauro Godoy Villalobos

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