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Andersen, Lumbago Swing - Hawaii Fever

Andersen, Lumbago Swing - Hawaii Fever

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Torben Andersen, Lumbago Swing - Hawaii Fever

For guitar orchestra.

Lumbago Swing and Hawaii Fever are among the pieces I wrote for my classical guitar orchestra, where I tried to accommodate the students' desire to play rhythmic music in a classical guitar orchestra.
The tonal language of Lumbago Swing is rhythmic swing music, which is primarily supported by the rhythm guitar in the 8th voice. Here I recommend using a Country & Western guitar or an electric guitar.

Hawaii Fever is a casual piece of music in the Latin genre.
To achieve a full, wide sound image, I wrote an extra electric bass voice noted in the F key for both pieces.

In my classical guitar orchestra, I let a guitar student play Lumbago Swing (guitar 6) and Hawaii Fever (guitar 4) on a classical bass guitar noted in the G-key. However, both parts can be played well on a traditional classical guitar. Furthermore, both pieces include an extra easy part (guitar 5) to accommodate the inclusion of less advanced students in the orchestra. By omitting these extra voices, both Lumbago Swing and Hawaii Fever can be played as a sextet.

Torben Andersen

  • Product: Digital PDF or Print-on-Demand
  • Pages:  16 pages full score and 8x4 pages parts
  • Level: Level 3
  • ISMN 979-0-706819-08-2
  • Order Number: BE-210405

Lumbago Swing played by Torben Andersen and his students: