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Schley, Canonic Studies

Schley, Canonic Studies

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Martin Schley, Canonic Studies

This collection, "Canonic Studies" for guitar, consists of twelve pieces representing the musical forms of Canon and Ostinato. The two-part (only in one case more polyphonic) pieces show expressiveness in melodic lines with variety in combining the voices within a relatively strict musical form.
Themes appear several times throughout the collection to connect the pieces. There is variety in key, time signature and constructive approach. For this reason, the Canons are set in different starting intervals and measures. Additionally, the
Ostinatos work with complementing and mirroring elements in their structure. The opening theme of Canon I returns at the Fugue in the end.
Numbers and their relations play an essential role in the pieces. For example, in Ostinato II, the six-note theme (which is mirrored in the second part) is repeated 12 times in each part.
Ostinato III in 7/4 measure consists of 7x2 bars. Artistic and teaching approaches could focus on musical voices' independence and shaping. For increasing creativity, the written dynamic signs are rarely used.
The pieces were composed between December 2023 and February 2024.

Martin Schley

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