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Coral-Laguna, Suite

Coral-Laguna, Suite

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Leonardo Coral, Suite

For solo guitar. A publication in the "Juan Carlos Laguna Collection".

Referring to his Suite for Guitar, Leonardo himself comments: “This work originates from the first piece in the suite: “Canción de cuna” (2013), dedicated to Martina and Mateo, Juan Carlos Laguna´s children, who commissioned several composers to write lullabies to be included in the album Arrullo para dos: Lullabies for guitar, recently published by Bergmann Editions. After composing the Canción de Cuna, I decided to complete a suite with four contrasting pieces: I. Canción de cuna, II. Vals, III. Nocturno, IV. Danza. “Lullaby” is a tender and expressive piece; the cantabile aspect is also explored in the third piece, “Nocturno,” with an introspective and nostalgic character. The second piece “Vals” evokes with a current perspective, this typical dance form of the 19th century. The last piece “Dance” has Latin American rhythmic vigor, constant strumming with open strings and the incorporation of percussive sounds and timbral effects such as tambora, sul tasto and sul ponticello.” Leonardo Coral is one of the most outstanding Mexican composers today, and it is a privilege to have his music in my collection at Bergmann Editions.

Juan Carlos Laguna

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