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Musorgskij, Quadri de una Esposizione (CD)

Musorgskij, Quadri de una Esposizione (CD)

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"Musorgskij, Quadri de una Esposizione" played by the guitar trio Concordia C(h)ordis.

With this transcription, which is the first complete transcription for guitar trio, we tried to achieve a result that tried to reproduce the original piano in its specific characteristics through the idiomatic language of the guitar. To be able in this way to propose a piece that was not the mere transposition from one instrument to another and had in itself almost the germ of an original composition. Hence the use of certain guitar techniques (tremolato, harmonic, rasgueado etc.) evidently absent in the original writing. It can be said that elements of transcription and reinvention coexist, which re-present Mussorgsky's work under a different perspective, which also allows us to discover expressive, harmonic, structural aspects that through the guitar are illuminated by a particular light.  The publication is then enriched by the paintings of the painter Françoise Monod who, retracing on the contrary what Mussorgsky did, produced a series of paintings inspired by his music.