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Sacks, In Memoriam

Sacks, In Memoriam

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Ruth Meyer Sacks, In Memoriam, Music For Our Time

for solo guitar

Ruth Meyer Sacks’ composition, In Memoriam, Music For Our Time, is a four-movement work for solo guitar commissioned by the Orpheus Academy of Music for Austin guitarist, Klondike Steadman. This composition reflects the composer’s personal feelings and experiences in response to the first year of the pandemic, as well as the larger current state of our world. The first movement, entitled Shelter in Place, is about the claustrophobic anxiety, boredom, and anger that was widely felt during the early days of the quarantine. The second movement, entitled Flatten the Curve, was inspired by the daily graphs showing the varying number of covid cases, the anxiety caused by these graphs, and the desire to lower these numbers. The third movement, entitled Uncertainty, reflects the composer’s personal uncertainty regarding the pandemic, as well as political and societal uncertainty and frustration. The final movement, entitled In Memoriam, is a tribute to the multitude of lives that have been and continue to be lost due to both illness and social injustice. In this composition, Meyer Sacks explores eclectic contemporary compositional techniques, but applies them within an accessible setting. The musical ideas range from tonal melodies to more abstract patterns and special effects. Overall, In Memoriam, Music For Our Time is a kaleidoscope of musical patterns, textures, and colors, which reflects the complexities of our current world.

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