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Williams, Tell Me

Williams, Tell Me

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Andrew Williams, Tell Me

For solo guitar.

I have a particular affection for this piece.  It is a sort of perpetual motion machine.  I was interested in the idea that I should start a melody off then set if free to wander wherever it wanted. The only ‘rule’ I gave myself was that it should not fall into the familiar pattern of a phrase of say 4 bars which is then repeated.  So the melodic phrases in the piece are long, twisting and unpredictable.  That gives it a particularly organic feel as if it is following some sort of unknown algorithm and working its way through a succession of changes, evolving as it goes and repeating itself only rarely.   The result is still surprising to me.  And despite sounding complex and multi-voiced, it’s not all that difficult to play. It’s not easy, but everything falls nicely under the hands. (Andrew Williams) 

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