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Tan, Through the Fences, the Light Falls

Tan, Through the Fences, the Light Falls

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Tan Tuan Hao (born 1986 in Singapore wrote this piece for his friend guitarist Peter Oldrup, who has recorded Though the Fences, the Light Falls on his debut CD (Peter Oldrup, Guitar Debut, Gateway Music 2015). Through The Fences, The Light Falls.

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Perspective is an interesting thing. It takes one thing and shatters it into a hundred little pieces, each a bite-sized morsel, small enough to be seen through close-minded eyes, but still large enough to hint at its complete identity (to those who are listening). Light is an interesting thing. It offers no resistance, yielding to the most insubstantial things and leaving only shade. Yet always, undeniably, ever pervasive. Music is a little like light and perspective. Perspective - because we never really hear the entirety of anything all at once. We hear slices of moving air, pieces of a puzzle to be solved. Light - because music is, undeniably, pervasive.
TAN Tuan Hao 

Listen to Peter Oldrup playing "Through the Fences, the Light Falls":