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Tabisz, Three Miniatures - cover
Tabisz, Three Miniatures - number 1
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Tabisz, Three Miniatures

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Three Miniatures by Marek Tabisz

for solo guitar.

These Three Miniatures are actually my composing debut. They are the result of a challenge that I have taken up recently and the desire to play with music and style. They are written at an intermediate level.
Lullaby is held in a somewhat "wandering" and not complicated harmony with a clear melodic line and a three-part form.
Dance, in turn, refers to the rhythmic Polish dance called Krakowiak. The staccato accompaniment and the rasgueado fragment require some effort from the player. I consciously left out the fingering, leaving room for the performer.
Gloomy Habanera, on the other hand, is a piece of a simple structure, referring to the tradition of tango or milonga, somewhat similar (keeping the proportions of course) to Tango by I. Albeniz.
These three little pieces can be played individually or as a whole set and I hope they will bring some fun to the intermediate performers. I dedicate these miniatures to my favorite and very talented former student -
Kinga Jeziorska, and I hope she will perform them one day.
Marek Tabisz

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  • Level: Intermediate
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