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Rubio, Le Chat d’Arcueil

Rubio, Le Chat d’Arcueil

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Le Chat d’Arcueil, by Roberto Rubio

For Harp
A cat wakes up in a small room in Arcueil and lazily purrs as he gets up.
He nonchalantly paces over an old instrument.
Mister Satie opens the door and is about to compose something new...
The little impertinent one distracts Satie's attention.
The little animal approaches curiously...
Annoyed, Satie shoos the intruder away...
Satie sighs and resumes his task...
Ah!... Bloody cat...
Desperation grows and unleashes a fierce battle!!!!
Exhausted, Satie sinks back into his thoughts...
The creature shyly returns and Satie puts it on his lap...
Satie resumes his work, this time grateful for the feline company...
The cat rises and mister Satie observes its small silhouette
as it slowly melts into the Arcueil sunset.

  • Product: Self-print (PDF) or Print-on-demand
  • Length: 20 pages
  • Duration: 7:40 min
  • Level: Advanced
  • ISMN 979-0-706824-04-8
  • Order number: BE-220109

Listen to Le Chat d’Arcueil: