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Quiet Music (CD)

Quiet Music (CD)

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Quiet Music
This album by guitarist Aleksandr Loginov is a selection of works by composer A J Williams, whose music is published by Bergmann Edition.  The pieces are all classical guitar solos, with haunting evocative melodies and sophisticated harmonic structures.  The recording achieves a magical atmosphere thanks to the intensely musical performances by Loginov, and to the beautiful sound production by Kirill Voljanin.  Bookended by an introduction and a coda from the title piece “Quiet Music”, the album has a flow all its own, and takes the listener deep into a unique musical world.

Read the review by Chris Dumigan:

The album is available on all major streaming platforms, but the physical CD can be purchased only from Bergmann Edition.


Click on the sound file to hear a sampler of extracts from all the tracks on the album, as follows:

0:00 Intro
0:26 With Grace and Spirit
0:58 Rhymes
1:21 Prelude “Never Over”
1:51 Remember
2:25 The Long Dream Is Over
3:12 Quiet Music
3:46 Near Dark
4:34 Borrowed
5:13 Coda