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Ortiz, 1915

Ortiz, 1915

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1915 by José Antonio Guerrero Ortiz

For the ten-stringed guitar

  • Product: Self Print (PDF) or Print on Demand 
  • Length: 12 pages
  • Level: Advanced
  • ISMN 979-0-706813-35-6
  • Order number:  BE-191202

1915, is a composition that describes one of human history's most tragic events in WWI, The Genocide of the Armenian people by the hands of the Ottoman Empire (modern Turkey). Was the systematic mass extermination and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians within the Ottoman Empire.
1915 musically represents the Death Marches leading to the Syrian Desert. The Marchlike pulse within the composition provides an intimate look at what the Armenians felt and endured during the Marches. The deep resonance of the ten-string guitar of the basses allows the listener to feel each heavy and desperate footsteps that women and men, children, and elderly had to live through and could not escape from. The Agitated sensation within the Arpeggios provides the desperation and finally breathes each Armenian felt at the end of their lives. All this leading to the peaceful imitation of what is known as the unique instrument that represents the Armenian people today and then, the Duduk.
As a composer, it is my intention to make all in the world aware of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, dedicated to all Armenian people, and in hopes to keep the remembrance and acceptance of this tragic event in history as a true fact and that it never occurs again.