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Nefthalí-Laguna, Soliloquio

Nefthalí-Laguna, Soliloquio

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Soliloquio by Rodrigo Nefthalí

For solo guitar. A publication in the "Juan Carlos Laguna Collection".

Referring to his Soliloquio, Rodrigo himself comments: "The Soliloquy is inspired by Dasein, a concept contained in Martin Haiddeger's book, Being and Time. Dasein is being-in-the-world, the only entity that asks about being. Dasein knows that it is thrown into the world and propelled into the future in countless possibilities. From each of these possibilities follows a constant possibility, death. The anguish that death produces can lead man to an inauthentic existence that is characterized by the adoption of a passive attitude towards the world and whose purpose is to deny that he is destined to die. On the other hand, when the being faces his finitude, he surrenders to an authentic existence that will offer him a life of infinite discoveries"

I am delighted to have his music in my collection at Bergmann Editions.
Juan Carlos Laguna

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