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Martínez, Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas

Martínez, Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas

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Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas by  Alexis Rodríguez Martínez

Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas (Our Lady of the Iguanas) for solo guitar
Edited by José Luis Segura Maldonado

This brief but beautiful piece was composed by Alexis Rodríguez Martínez as a birthday present for Magaly Cruz de Nicolás, Art Historian, and owner of a copy of the photograph Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas, taken in 1979 by well-known Mexican artist Graciela Iturbide as part of her series Juchitán, where she masterfully depicted the most powerful social and cultural aspects of the women who lives and rules an ancient matriarchy in that city in Oaxaca, Mexico. The lady in the picture is Zobeida Díaz and she was carrying the iguanas in the local market when Iturbide saw her and asked her to pose for her lens. After a few shots, the artist captured this powerful image.

The piece has a simple ternary form, where the first part consists of a very inspired melody based on a very flexible motif with ample phrasing, set on a simple but effective modal harmony which creates an atmosphere of melancholy representing Zobeida’s look. In the middle section, the melody becomes a little bit more rhythmic without losing its expressiveness and is presented first in d minor and then in D major, creating an interesting contrast and somehow a sensation of majesty, once again representing Zobeida’s attitude in the photo. After a brief stop on the dominant, the first part is repeated but this time leading to a final cadence in D major, which confers a very peaceful character to the final moments of the piece.

The world premiere of the piece was made by José Luis Segura Maldonado and released on his YouTube channel on May 16th, 2022 to celebrate Graciela Iturbide’s 80th birthday. 

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Listen to José Luis Segura Maldonado playing "Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas":