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Grundy, The Millennium Mirror

Grundy, The Millennium Mirror

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Alan Grundy, The Millennium Mirror

A suite in four movements for solo guitar.

The Millennium Mirror
In Ireland, the thirty-year period between 1968 – 1998 is often referred to as ‘The Troubles’. During this time, more than 3,500 people were killed and thousands more injured in mainly tit-fortat acts of violence between Nationalist and loyalist paramilitary groups. Nationalists, being mainly Catholic, favour a united Ireland whilst Loyalists, mainly protestant remain loyal to Britain. One particular weapon in this conflict was the car bomb, where a bomb was placed in the boot of a car and then
strategically parked near an intended target. This composition The Millennium Mirror was initially inspired by such a device parked in the town of Omagh in Co. Tyrone on Saturday August 15th 1998, killing 29 people and injuring hundreds more...
 (Alan Grundy)

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  • Pages: 24 pages 
  • Level: intermediate
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