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González, Homenaje a Villalobos

González, Homenaje a Villalobos

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Héctor González, Homenaje a Villalobos
(Juan Carlos Laguna Collection)

González says about this piece:

"Homenaje a Villalobos is a piece in two movements dedicated to the Mexican guitarist Juan Carlos Laguna. It is built from some features of the guitar writing of Villalobos, who was a great connoisseur of the instrument. The first movement
recreates the use of singing in the basses, which appears in several of his pieces that allude to the cello, the instrument that Villalobos played in his childhood. Likewise, the use of the basic rhythmic formula of traditional Brazilian music such as choro
and samba is reiterated.

The second movement evokes some procedures of great virtuosity in which the use of the arpeggio is used, in the manner of a toccata, which alternates with rhythmic
passages in which chords are interspersed that allude to the African connection of several of the traditional American music. A short adagio that interrupts fast time, recalls in its harmony the romantic sonority used by the famous Brazilian composer”.

This work created by Héctor González, represents recognition and a distinction to one of the most emblematic Latin American musicians of the 20th century.
Juan Carlos Laguna

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Listen to the piece played by the composer: