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Frandsen, Lichs Frolic

Frandsen, Lichs Frolic

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Matthew Frandsen, Lichs' Frolic

  • Product: Self Print (PDF) or Print on Demand
  • Length: 20 pages, about 9 minutes.
  • Level:Advanced
  • ISMN: 979-0-706804-48-4 
  • Order number: BE-170905

Lichs' Frolic is a sinister and diabolic piece for three guitars, but only two players. The first movement is a devilish game, two powerful skeletal wizards, liches, playing with their skeletal fingers directly on the guitar strings; dark, threatening, evil and surprising. In the 2nd movement, a pre-tuned guitar is utilised. Its micro tones have a special kind of magic that colour the slow stream of chords only consisting of harmonics. Everything is unreal and twisted, but actually quite beautiful. In the 3rd movement, the liches really manifest their magic in a grotesque and treacherous scherzo. Edited with help from Tim Mcveigh-Pedersen and Jakob Bangsø.