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Duranti, Preludes of Rome

Duranti, Preludes of Rome

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PRELUDES OF ROME, for solo guitar by Marco William Duranti

  • Product: Self-print (PDF) or Print on Demand
  • Length: 24 pages. 
  • Level: Advanced 
  • Order number: BE-180726
  • ISMN 979-0-706806-14-3

Preludes of Rome
The Preludes of Rome are not just dedicated to the Eternal City with all of its beauty, art and history that needs no special presentation from me. They are also dedicated to a particular period of modern Rome starting from the 50s after WWII. The Preludes are a view of that Rome to which in part I had the joy to experience and feel. It was the city of the Italian cinema (Cinecitta’), we will never forget great directors like F. Fellini with his visionary dreamlike films or S. Leone with his spaghetti westerns just to mention two of them. So many great actors both Italian and from other countries came to Rome. Many made it their permanent home, while others reached glory in their own countries (like Clint Eastwood) thanks to Cinecitta’. Rome also represented writers, poets, painters, the Italian way of living with its fashion, food and exquisite taste for the “good life”. It was also the Rome of political unrest and social problems, the capital of Italy that still today takes upon itself all the responsibility of its past, present and future. The Preludes of Rome are my way of saying “Grazie Roma” thank you Rome, a small token of gratitude just like giving roses to the woman of your life!