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Chadwick, 24 Melodic Preludes, Book 2

Chadwick, 24 Melodic Preludes, Book 2

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Roland Chadwick, 24 Melodic Preludes, Book 2

For solo guitar.

This was a self-imposed task designed to give me some small mastery in melody and the process of melodic composition. I also wanted to start writing away from the guitar directly to the page so as to gain a more authentic voice and so the idea of a set of Melodic Preludes in all 24 keys popped up. Not an original idea I admit, but a very good structure on which to drape my compositional intentions. The parameters I set myself were these.

  1. 24 Melodic Preludes in all 24 keys.
  2. Monophonic but more closely defined as Melody only pieces.
  3. The Melody had not only to drive itself but also the harmony and the rhythm.
  4. All of the music had to go from my mind straight to the page without help from the guitar.
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  • Pages: 32
  • Level: Advanced
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  • ISMN 979-0-706813-83-7