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Borodaev, Etudes Tableaux - vol. 1

Borodaev, Etudes Tableaux - vol. 1

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Etudes Tableaux - vol. 1

Etude Tableaux for solo guitar by Dmitry Borodaev in four movements.

The "Etudes tableaux" cycle for solo guitar began creating in 2018. Currently, four parts are written: "Dies Irae", "Place of execution", "Renunciation" and "Unconquered", which are presented in this collection.
The first etude is written on the theme of the Gregorian chant "Dies Irae". Figuratively, it represents the rapid flow of life towards death. Inexorably, the theme is gaining new and new strength, completely absorbing the listener with its terrible sound.
The "Place of execution" continues the image sphere started in the first etude. The middle part here is a lyrical memory, framed by a hard rhythm and a steady descending harmonic course of the extreme sections. This is an embodiment of doom and the inevitability of the sentence. The last glimmer of hope is interrupted by harsh chords, like a guillotine in action.
"Renunciation" is the etude-meditation. Fanciful harmonies and smooth metric pulsation immerse the listener in a world of silence and tranquillity. The last chord is the rejection of the previous life, but not yet finding new meanings and support for a new life.
Immediately the next etude tableau is starting to sound. "Unconquered" is the quintessence of the first four etudes of the cycle. Irrepressible energy goes over the edge, sweeping away all doubts on a way to a new life.
Work on the cycle continues.

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