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Bach-Grundy, Prelude & Fugue

Bach-Grundy, Prelude & Fugue

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J.S. Bach, Prelude & Alan Grundy, Fugue

This work is an attempt to give the guitar a Prelude & Fugue in a Baroque style similar to those of J. S. Bach. The intricate countrapuntal nature of Fugues do not fall easily on the guitar's fretboard, while the keyboard and orchestra offer a more agreeable pallet. However, I have always found the Fugue a most attractive style of composition, so I have tried to create a work that feels natural to the modern classical guitar yet Baroque in style. The Prelude is obviously borrowed from Bach's BWV 846, but the chord voicing has been altered for the harmony to fall more naturally across the six strings.
The fugue, however, is my own creation to give guitarists a piece that sounds similar to Bach's style of composition yet falls under the fingers more easily than his transcribed Fugues. I do not in any way want to compare the quality of my fugue with any of Bach's. I am an ardent fan of the absolute genius of Bach and consider him to be foremost among the ranks of western composers. This Prelude can also be used as a suitable accompaniment to Gounod's Ave Maria.
Alan Grundy

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Listen to Alan Grundy playing the Prelude:

And a quick tutorial:

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