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Andersen, Twisted Moonbeams

Andersen, Twisted Moonbeams

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Torben Andersen, Twisted Moonbeams

Four pieces for solo guitar.

The title of the book Twisted Moonbeams is also the title of the first of four solo pieces composed based on inspiration and experiences from real life. On the night I took the photo for the cover, I felt that the splendour of the moon rays through the night-shining clouds and the sea's reflection would be a fine image of one of the pieces dedicated to my cheerful son, Kåre.

Ida's Song is a short solo piece composed for my newborn granddaughter.

Too Much Rain comes from my cd "Beachwalk", composed just before
the Christmas of 2014.

The last piece is called Cosy Time at the Fireplace. I have always
considered the long, warm summer evenings in front of the garden
fireplace with a cosy, crackling fire to be a pleasant and relaxing time
when one can find inner harmony

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Listen to "Twisted Moonbeams" played by Torben Andersen:

Listen to "Ida's Song" played by Torben Andersen:

Listen to "Too Much Rain" from the CD "Beachwalk" on Spotify: