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Reuser, Hoshi no kage ni

Reuser, Hoshi no kage ni

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Maurick Reuser, Hoshi no kage ni

For solo guitar.
The name of this guitar work, Hoshi no kage ni (星の影に / In the Shadow of the Stars) is Japanese but tricky to translate into English because "kage" can be translated in multiple ways. It could mean shadow/silhouette, reflection (in water) or even light (of stars or the moon). This means that the title of this work could be translated to In the Shadow of the Stars or In the Reflection of a Star, or even In the Light of Stars. Personally, as an English translation of the title, I prefer In the Shadow of the Stars. However, it does not really matter how you translate it when studying or performing this piece. Whatever your preference is or what inspires you the most for the ultimate guitaristic cause, in the end, it matters it matters that you include all these meanings into one title: Hoshi no kage ni.

"Hoshi no kage ni" won the 3rd prize in II International Competition among composers "THE TIME OF THE GUITAR'' 2021.

You can listen to "Hoshi no kage ni" played by Maurick Reuser on Sound Cloud:

  • Product: Self Print (PDF) or Print on Demand
  • Length: 16 pages
  • Level: Advanced
  • ISMN 979-0-706824-40-6
  • Order number:  BE-220505