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Dear customers,

Bergmann Edition has been around for a couple of years now, and you - the GUITAR COMMUNITIES - have supported us well in our work publishing new and rare music for the guitar. Your interest in the music has been so overwhelming that we dare to invest in a new and better functioning store - in order to make it easier for you to find the music that fit your taste.

We - the composers/arrangers and I are looking forward to continually supply you with tons of NEW and RARE music for the guitar.

Allan Bergmann, Bergmann Edition


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Dear Walter,
Thank you for your interest in Bergmann Edition. I have received a nice arrangement for guitar and baritone of Purcells Cold Song from the Swedish guitarist Joakim Lundström which will be published soon. If you need it fast, please, let me know – write to allanbergmann@gmail.com and we will find a solution.
Allan Bergmann, Bergmann Edition

Allan Jensen

Please Inform Me If Purcells Cold Song Is Available For Guitar! Thank You!


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