The Brazillian guitarist and author, Jovane E. R. Oliveira, has finished his first book about Slurs (hammer-on, legato). It is a gigantic work written for those who want to learn the guitar inside-out and top-down, and for those who want to build the ultimate technique. 
Just now we are waiting for the printed books to arrive, and we expect it to be in stock from around the 31st of March. It is a 384 pages book, O-wire bound with a metal wire in the back for the best experience on the music stand in the guitar gym.

It has taken more than two years to finish this work, and if guitarists start working with this kind of exercises, this work could end up being as important for our instrument as the "Sevsic" exercises are for violinists. Most serious violinists have as part of their education at some point spend considerable time with the more than 100 years old Sevsic collection. I still remember working with some of the Sevsic exercises with my violin instructor when I trained to become a teacher way back in the last century. It was hard work, but it really built up the control of the violin. I remember I had to make up alike exercises for the guitar myself - But "SLURS 1" goes far far beyond what I ever have achieved technical on the guitar. When such work comes into my hands I really wish I was 16 and could start over again - This book could have raised my personal bar considerably if I had been introduced for it 50 years ago.

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