Single Sheet Music and Angela Mair

I am proud to present Angela Mair as the new editor of the SINGLE SHEET SERIES. 

Vienna based guitarist Angela Mair is known as a skilled and experienced guitar teacher. She even composes both for teaching and for performance. As an editor of the Single Sheet Series, Angela Mair will add new engravings of the old masters. She will even upgrade the concept with exercises sheets and instruction videos.

The Single Sheet Series was the first type of products published by Bergmann Edition. The original idea was to provide classical guitar teachers with a quality engraving of the old master. And to deliver the sheets in different versions suited to the use in the classroom. 

But as new composers started to publish with us (more than 150 by now), the work with the single sheet series kind of stopped. I could not find the time to both publish hundreds of booklets with new compositions and at the same time engrave the old masters as new Single Sheets.

Cooperating with Angela Mair, this luckily will change now.

When you buy items from the Single Sheets Series, you will usually get a single piece, prepared for home printing. It will usually come in different versions:

  • fingered version - fingered for beginning to intermediate players.
  • An unfingered version - if you need to make an alternative fingering yourself. Or if you prefer to play from unfingered sheets.
  • A version with TABs.
  • A fingered version prepared for tablets and iPad

(Notice: not all single sheets include all versions and some includes more - Please, check the product description).

In the future, Angela Mair will include even a sheet with exercises and an instruction video to selected items in the collection.

We believe such a packet of sheet music is precious for a teacher or a self-studying guitarist. And the pricing is very reasonable too. It has never been easier to be well-prepared being a classical guitar teacher. 

See the first publication in the Single Sheet Series prepared by Angela Mair here:

Coste, Menuet from Recreation du Guitariste. Op 51, No. 7

Explore the whole series of Single Sheets here:

Single Sheet Series

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