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Mozart-Whittle, Two Pieces by Mozart

Mozart-Whittle, Two Pieces by Mozart

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Amadeus Mozart
Two Pieces by Mozart. Theme from Piano Concerto No. 12 in A and Andante from Piano Concerto No. 21 in C, 'Elvira Madigan' arranged for solo guitar by Rod Whittle. 

According to his sister, Mozart at the age of three would pick out thirds on the family clavier for the pleasure of it. As history shows, he went on to create miracles of sound across every emotion. He was born in Saltzburg, Austria in 1756 and began composing as a child, although much of his childhood was spent travelling and performing. 

One runs out of superlatives trying to do justice to the quality and originality of his work, and the abundance of output. With his friend Joseph Haydn, he ushered in a new era of music – the Romantic era. Anyone learning about his relatively short life must also pay tribute to his resolve and courage. He died, poor, in Vienna, of typhus at the age of 35.

The Piano Concerto No. 12 in A was written in the autumn of 1782 in Vienna. The Andante has the flawless beauty of Mozart's slower music – its irresistible combination of musical elements - but at a strict andante tempo the 32nd notes are very difficult to play and melody is lost, so I have marked it Lento.

Similarly, the famous Andante ('Elvira Madigan') from the Piano Concerto No. 21 in C, written in 1785, is best played at a relaxed tempo. If the 16th notes do not sound clearly the piece should be slowed until they do. Again this is vintage Mozart; accessible, intricate and impassioned.

Keys of both pieces have been changed to suit guitar.

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