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Destremau, Miroir de Sonorité

Destremau, Miroir de Sonorité

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For guitar ensemble or guitar quartets 

Performance notes:

The piece is composed for at least four guitars and the majority of the material is conceived to be played by a large guitar ensemble. At its premiere at the Guitar + Festival, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus (DK), more than 24 guitarists participated in the performance with six or more guitars per voice. The piece can also be performed with great clarity by a guitar quartet, with or without amplification.

  • Product: PDF or Print on Demand
  • Pages: 12 + instructions, altogether 20 pages
  • Duration: 6 min.
  • Level: Intermediate
  • ISMN 979-0-706803-33-3
  • Order Number: BE-151102

Program note:
The title Miroir de Sonorité refers to the strategy and compositional technique behind the piece. It focuses on reflection as a musical concept and musical material source. In the piece, the reflections - or mirrors - are represented very basically with simple gestures and motives that are delayed and played in oppositions. The piece begins with tonal reflection material, which becomes more and more complex until it breaks down at restarts in a noisy setting with new directions. You can listen to a performance from the premiere on Sound Cloud: