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Dieterle, Duo for Two guitars

Dieterle, Duo for Two guitars

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Dominik Johannes Dieterle - Duo for Two guitars

For Guitar:

  • Product: PDF or Print on Demand (spiral binding)
  • Pages: 14
  • Level: Advanced
  • Order number: BE-120217

At this point?

Sitting here, staring out of the window (do) : A seemingly dead tree, some crows, probably some clouds, a large red and purple building on the other side of the road. I can't quite see because I forgot to put my glasses on -- getting older seems to come with certain disadvantages (see) . What about that? So I am trying to listen instead (listen?). Carefully listen (listening) : Central heating, cars passing from left to right, my fingers typing on the Laptop, some distant banging and a little ringing in my ears (probably caused by the great amount of band rehearsals some years ago) (music?) (sound!) (noise?)
-- What about that? -- Never mind.
Just listen!