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Knopf, Once Around the Sun, vol. 1

Knopf, Once Around the Sun, vol. 1

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Once Around the Sun by Dr Michael Knopf

For solo guitar
Once Around the Sun is a collection of 365 new works for classical guitar by composer/guitarist Dr Michael Knopf.
This volume 1, includes the first 15 pieces in the series.
Commenced in 2016, the project initially aimed to produce a new piece in real-time for each day of the year but has progressed in instalments since, with a total of 280 pieces composed as of mid-2020. Nonetheless, the works display the creative daily output of the composer.
The pieces are mostly prepared as concert works though there are works aimed as developmental in their focus, being studies or suited for such. Most are brief, between two and four minutes. Many explore style and genre - one of the composer’s interests, and each piece develops from its essential idea(s) and/or technical strategy. Included are contemporary art pieces, works with Spanish or Latin American features or popular forms, and music featuring the composer’s “guitar chant” style. The pieces in this printing are generally presented in the order of their composition with occasional repositioning to benefit the publication.

The collection is diverse in musical content and technical requirements, rich in idea and form and most certainly has something for all players and teachers.

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