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Henríquez, The Spanish Guitar

Henríquez, The Spanish Guitar

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Josep Henríquez, The Spanish Guitar/La Guitarra Española

The book is bi-lingual: English and Spanish.

This book, "The Spanish Guitar", has two main sections: The Complete Technique and Practical Advice. In both sections, the author raises with clarity and precision all that a student needs to know. Progressively, we enter a world full of subtleties and nuances, always with conviction.

Este libro, titulado "La guitarra española", se divide en dos grandes apartados: Técnica completa y Consejos prácticos. En ambas secciones, el autor plantea de forma clara y precisa todo lo que un estudiante debe conocer. De forma progresiva, nos adentra en un mundo lleno de sutilezas y matices, siempre con convicción.

“This book is dedicated to all guitarists and guitar makers, whether they are professionals or amateurs, and also to the future generations of guitar lovers who have made and will continue to make possible the evolution of our beloved instrument.”
Josep Henríquez

“I read Josep Henríquez’ book with interest and I want to congratulate him for the high level of his work. This method gives us, step by step, all the necessary knowledge to become an excellent guitarist. It goes deep into all the technical and musical necessities for the complete development of the guitarist.
David Russell

“It has been my honourable and pleasant task to translate, as accurately and elegantly as possible, the book of my beloved friend Josep Henríquez. All ideas and instructions belong to him and to the venerable tradition from which he comes, that of Francisco Tárrega.” 
Gilbert Biberian


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