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Mair, Coming Home

Mair, Coming Home

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Coming Home by Angela Mair

A collection of 18 pieces for the guitar. 

17 pieces for solo guitar (optional voice) and 1 song for guitar and voice
belonging to the album "Coming Home"
Dear guitarist,

everyone knows it – that very special feeling of coming home.

You look back on a long day full of beautiful moments and encounters, you let your gaze wander off into the distance, you give in to feelings of satisfaction, you let your thoughts run free – and that’s exactly when my music should be a pleasing companion.

But ‘coming home’ means more to me than this. It is about getting to know yourself better, finding yourself, hearing your own inner voice.

The present pieces came to life in the past 2 years (2020 and 2021), only ‘All die Jahre’, ‘Das Karussell’ and ‘Tormenta en Primavera’ were written some years earlier.

Each piece can be performed as an instrumental piece. The parts of the singing voice are optional – for guitarists with a love of singing.

‘Will You Stay?’ can be a solo, or even find a place in chamber music.

I have recorded an album called ‘Coming Home’ including all the pieces in this publication in November 2021 at BAROS Records Studios (Uros Baric) in Slovenia.

I hope my music will bring joy to guitarists who play the pieces and everyone who listens to the music!

Angela Mair

All Classical Music wrote:

...there are waltzes, ballads, romantic pieces, and lots of character pieces in a wide range of keys , but all having that feeling of warmth and giving you that emotional tug as you play them. This is a lovely book, that many will enjoy! (Chris Dumigan).


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 Angela Mair's introduction to "Comming Home":

 Angela Mair play "Coming Home":

Angela Mair Plays "April's Tune":