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Chadwick, The Palm Court Romantics

Chadwick, The Palm Court Romantics

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The Palm Court Romantics
for classical guitar by Roland Chadwick.

Who exactly are The Palm Court Romantics? Roland Chadwick recalls from his early days in Sydney a group known as The Palm Court Orchestra who, taking their cue from the Palm Courts of hotels such as the Langham, Carlton, Ritz and even some floating hotels, most notably RMS Titanic, with their large atriums filled with the exotic splash of palm trees, bright young things of the day would attend Tea Dances.
The listener is being transported back to a Golden Age of film, music, dance and courtship. The titles of all but one of the sections refer to personal friends and acquaintances of the composer. In these pieces, Roland Chadwick preserves their idyllic relationships and his memories of them in a musical soundscape.

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