New and rare music for the guitar
New and rare music for the guitar
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Mini Book 4: Cruz and Apro (pdf)

Mini Book 4: Cruz and Apro (pdf)

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Ernesto Mark Anthony Cruz and Flávio Apro

  • Product: A Mini Book Series issue edition with quality pages, photos, and much more (PDF)

Mark Anthony Cruz
When I was young, I remember falling in love with music and thinking if it were a tangible thing, I'd wear it around me like a blanket, all the time. The desire has always been there - likely because my father (Manuel) was a guitarist and a mariachi musician. Born in 1963, I had the great fortune to experience Beatlemania in real time among other great artists, thanks to my older siblings.

Flávio Apro
Flávio Apro, a native of Sáo Paulo of the district Tatuapé, has been performing and giving concerts since the early 1980's. As most international artists, where did it all begin? Mr. Apro, explains that for him at the age of five years old, music became the calling of his life.

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