New and rare music for the guitar
New and rare music for the guitar
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Mini Book 2: Gómez and Cáceres (pdf)

Mini Book 2: Gómez and Cáceres (pdf)

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Irene Gómez and Salvador Manuel Gómez Cáceres

  • Product: A Mini Book Series issue edition with quality pages, photos, and much more (PDF)

Irene Gómez
I was fortunate to be born into a family who loved music deeply. My father was a Violinist in his youth and my mother loved the theatre and opera as well. My parents gave me my first guitar at seven or eight as a Christmas gift. They indeed supported me unconditionally in the path I chose as a musician. I am forever indebted to them.

Salvador Manuel Gómez Cáceres
There are times that the artist behind the guitar, can be forgotten and lost. So much has taken place in the guitar world, from past centuries to the very present of where the guitar is today. Salvador Manuel Gómez Cáceres, is a very special person.

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