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Membership of Bergmann Edition Association Sep.-Dec. 2022

Membership of Bergmann Edition Association Sep.-Dec. 2022

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Membership of the Association Bergmann Edition

By being a member of the Association Bergmann Edition, you help us to publish new and rare music for the guitar.

As a member, you will get special offers from time to time, and once a year, you will get a surprise gift worth the fee. 

For the rest of 2022, the fee is set to €5,00. 

A new fee for next year will be charged at the beginning of 2023.


More info:

The old association, Bergmann Edition, where the membership was free, no longer exist. From the 1st of September, 2022, the association with the same name, "Bergmann Edition", will replaced by the new association.

Why is it changed?

The old organization was registered according to Danish legislation as a "Volunteer Association". Such association has certain limits regarding import/export, VAT registration and more. 

The new organization - also according to Danish legislation, is called an "Ordinary Association." This is the type of registration used for non-profit organizations like Bergmann Edition. Now we can register to pay VAT, import and export our publications, and hire an accountant to ensure everything is done correctly.

But one of the conditions we have to fulfil to be an "ordinary association" is to be open for membership, and members must pay a fee. 

As a member, you are NOT responsible for any economic or legal move done by the association. Only the board can be held responsible if they do something illegal.

The change per the 1st of September 2022 is done because there is an immediate need for the change to get VAT registration and to be able to import goods given to us. The time from now until the 1st of January 2023 will be used to prepare new articles of association and other necessary paperwork to implement the transition thought-out the organization.

The new organization will handle all responsibilities and agreements made by the old organization. 

Allan Bergmann Jensen
(Chairman of the association Bergmann Edition)