Collection: Levring, Anders

Anders Levring

Anders Levring (born1951) is a Guitarist, composer, arranger, conductor, orchestra leader, and music teacher.  He writes:

“Since I first got my hands on a guitar and started to get the feeling of musical expression and the wonderful relations between harmonies, notes and musical structures, the creative process of building tunes and the music around them has captured my mind, and so given me a unique playground for a personal statement in music. 

I have arranged and composed innumerable music pieces, mainly for guitar solo, guitar orchestra and various folk- and rock groups since the late sixties.

In 1985 I graduated from Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium (Danish National Academy of Music) as a classical guitarist, and started to work at the public music school alongside my appearances as a concert performer.

In 1991 I formed the West Jutland Guitar Orchestra and was the conductor for 25 years. Those years gave me opportunity to arrange and compose music with an artistic approach in a bigger format, a very rewarding task that provided me with a lot of skills and experience.

After a long life of teaching music, in 2016 I changed my career to perform as a soloist and appear in a variety of bands.  

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